Where to Buy the Best CBD Coffee Beans and CBD Coffee Grounds

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At first thought, CBD Coffee seems a bit like an oxymoron. CBD is said to calm us humans, while coffee picks us up. What the hockey sticks?

It just seemed a bit too counter intuitive to us.

But here’s the thing… I got nothing. It seems crazy to me! So we — being who we are — dove right in and starting sampling.

Sometimes a little yin with a little yang works. ☯️

And we must admit, we didn’t hate it. Except for our wallets. They can get to cost a pretty penny, and that’s why we often make our own coffee.

Our anecdotal Google “research” revealed one common answer when it came to this pairing.

“It’s coffee without the normal coffee ‘jitters'”

To that we say, far out! But to be fair, we don’t believe they are as addicted to coffee as we are.

So, we can’t confirm or deny these allegations as we can’t remember the last time we had the coffee jitters.

(fun fact – almost named the site Coffee, Booze and Weed – we like our fixes here at BeTheHippy).

Our Favorite CBD Coffee Companies

A quick look at some of the safe CBD coffee companies we stumbled upon on during our research. These are the best CBD coffee producers we were able to uncover.

If you want to know more about how we find quality companies, check out our review process.

Strava CBD Coffee

Strava is the shiz. We love it.

You’ll also never believe the price! Coming it at around $22 a pound. Reasonable in the CBD coffee world.

It’s also oh-so-good. It’s like a real coffee roaster who decided, “f*ck it, I’m gonna add CBD” (we made this quote up).

Here’s a real quote — not one made up like above.

“We’re not selling pot coffee. We are selling a coffee that has been infused with nutrients from a plant that do not have a recreational purpose. They don’t produce any kind of high or experience like that.”

Check Out Their Offerings

What We Love

They hit on all of our green flags, including;

  • THE PRICE: its the best price price, hands down, of any CBD coffee.
  • Great reviews: high number of real reviews.
  • Transparent about their products and 3rd party lab results.
  • The branding – we are suckers for good branding.
  • The flavor – not to “hempy” and we love our natural chocolate with a hint of cherry coffee flavor in the morning.

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Follow the Yello…Green brick road to CBD coffee town.

“Gourmet Colombian coffee with American hemp to create a brew that offers you an energized body and an “in-the-zone” mind. Our coffee is grown in a protected paradise in Colombia that has been home to two generations of award-winning coffee. It’s harvested under a full-moon, which is when the nectar surrounding the beans is at its sweetest. Our hemp is grown on select American farms with certificates of origin and analysis.”

Primarily a dark roast coffee bean infused with quality CBD that clocks in at about 31mg a cup. High for most brands we saw out there.

This CBD coffee comes in 2 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz bags.

The company uses coffee beans grown in the renowned Huila region of Colombia and infuses them with CBD extracted from high-quality hemp grown in Colorado.

Each bag contains the same potency of 15.6 mg of CBD per tablespoon (with a recommendation of using two tablespoons per cup of coffee).

Although this is a relatively small lineup compared with many other products, CBD coffee is pretty uncommon we are finding.

What We Love

They hit on all of our green flags, including;

  • Great reviews: high number of real reviews.
  • Transparent about their products and 3rd party lab results.
  • Broad spectrum CBD – no THC, but still other cannabinoids besides just CBD.
  • The flavors – from regular to vanilla and hazelnut. We are a sucker for vanilla coffee.

We were a little taken aback from the price, but it’s not uncommon to be around the $15 for 2.5oz of beans.

One of the better brands we were able to find.

KickBack CBD Coffee

Don’t love it, don’t hate it. Honestly, finding CBD coffee was far and few between. (product opportunity maybe?)

What we didn’t love was less on the coffee and more on the site, branding and CBD transparency. Took us a bit to find their 3rd party lab results — we want it to be up front and up to date.

But they had the results, so we support it.

“A few months later we launched our company right here in sunny Los Angeles California and a few years later our passion for sharing CBD has grown into a full line of healthy functional food products.”

Unfortunately, they only have ground coffee beans. So those of you aficionados – move along.

Each bag is mad of organic hemp-derived CBD and coffee grown in Chiapas, Mexico – infused with 120mg of a nano broad spectrum CBD. Sounds like nano is 5 times more potent than your average isolate, but still packed with other cannabinoids.

Check out KickBack CBD company

CBD Coffee and Anxiety Information

What Users Say

“You do not feel the edginess effect of coffee”

“Alert without the jitters”

“Helps with inflammation and anxiety” – and some even claim pain. Found a couple others that claim it all. Fun! If real

Just a couple reviews we found along our journey digging into coffee branded CBD products.

What Science Says

There is very little research out there focused on coffee and CBD. That’s because Coffee — if you can believe it — is a drug. Most CBD scientific research requests users to avoid things like coffee and alcohol. So, yeah, little research out there

All we know is there are some studies out there that find that CBD on it’s own does support lowered anxiety and a calming effect.

Dr. Bonni Goldstein, MD, discusses how their just isn’t enough research on CBD and Coffee just yet.

Dr. Bonni goes on to say, “It’s unclear at this point in time the exact interaction between CBD and caffeine,” she said. “At low doses, CBD is a stimulant and in higher doses it can cause sedation. Someone’s reaction to a combination of these compounds would not be easily predictable because various doses of each would affect the response.”

As with all things, give it a try. If it works for you, stick with it. If it doesn’t…

CBD Coffee and Weight Loss

This was the weird one to us. Weight loss?

Sure, coffee and CBD helps keep jitters down while feeling alert makes a bit of sense. I have no idea why CBD coffee and weight loss kept popping up.

What we did find; stay away from weight loss promotional sites. It’s a cesspool of crappy sites and terrible coffee. If it looks weird, has no research and does not third party test — run!

Is CBD Coffee Legal

Nope! Bet you didn’t see that coming. The Man is always keeping us down.

CBD is illegal in foods, drinks, capsules, ingestible oils and any other form of consumable product. Until the FDA adds CBD to the “generally recognized as safe” list, it will remain illegal to market and sell CBD-infused products as foods, drinks and supplements.

BUT, states are making it legal on their own and the FDA is pretty lax with it. At least as it stands now.

The FDA has taken this stance on CBD food and drinks because there’s a lack of scientific data on whether or not CBD is safe to consume. The agency says it’s only seen limited data and the data that does exist actually “point to real risks that need to be considered before taking CBD for any reason.”

Health officials are concerned that CBD has long-term health effects that might not show symptoms for years, and thus the FDA has not added it to the “generally recognized as safe” list of food additives.

Please do your own research and make sure you stay safe out there until more science reveals the health and benefits.

Disclaimer: this information is not medical advice and is purely for entertainment and education purposes. In no way do we condone the use of cannabis or it’s bi-products without the consent of your medical professional as well as abiding by your state and country laws.


Your no-nonsense, sometimes witty, cannabis knowledgeable hippy from the Midwest, hanging around Chicago these days. Learning the ins and outs of the cannabis world while learning to blog. In hopes that our lives become a little more… relaxed.

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