The Easiest Way to Make Crockpot Weed Butter

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Well, hey there! We’ve officially started our 7th week with the stay at home quarantine order. DAMN YOU COVID-19!

We started these recipes exploring different ways to extract cannabinoids a little fearful of what our neighbors may think. That was week 1.

At this point, F it, right?

Today we are going to learn exactly how to make cannabutter in a crock pot.

Teach those 👃 neighbors a thing or two about a thing or two.

Why a Crock Pot for Making Weed Butter?

So glad you didn’t ask!

First things first. Is it CrockPot weedbutter or Crock Pot… or Crockpot?

Hell, is it slow cooker weedbutter or crockpot?

I’ll call it a crockpot since google trends show’s crockpot weedbutter is currently trending.

Infused Weed Butter in a Crockpot is Dead Simple

Slow cookers make things simple. Nothing like coming home to a hot bowl of chili marinating in a slow cooker all day.

Well, even better coming home to some cannabis butter. You’ll know it’s ready when your nose is near the front door – we promise.

Speaking of, if you want to limit the decarb smell because you live near neighbors, check out our mason jar tips.

Ardent Nova Decarboxylator

Better than I imagined.Very slight smell but hardly noticeable.Fast and gets the job done with minimal cleanup.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Levo Oil Infuser

This machine can make infused oils dressings coconut,olive,vegetable oil infused in hr or so no smell no waist.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Crockpot Weed Butter Limits Burn Risk

We also love the crockpot because as long as you keep it on your lowest setting, there is very little room for error.

Nothing feels worse than having to throw out a batch because you scorched off the cannabinoids.

So just like our motto when experimenting with edibles, slow and low is how we like our slow cooker CBD butter.

How to Make Cannabis Infused Butter (or ‘cannabutter’)

Cannabis infused (CBD, THC, CBN…) butter is a staple in the edible cannabis connoisseurs pantry.

Butter is delicious and CBD butter is delicious-er. At least to us.

Infused butter is a versatile carrier for THC and other cannabinoids.

We abide by a few truths for making crockpot cannabutter.

  1. Don’t burn your product, and
  2. Always decarboxylate your flower, and
  3. Use our dosage calculator to know your limits

You don’t need very many items for this recipe — just time really. It’s a set it and forget it type process.

Just remember to stir from time to time to really help the extraction process.

How Long to Cook Cannabutter in a Crockpot

The duration required to prepare cannabutter in a slow cooker depends on both the quality and the preperation of the cannabis. You can prepare cannabutter in two ways, either with non-decarbed cannabis or with decarbed cannabis.

General rule of thumb: 4 hours decarb; 8 hours non-decarb. (but we are ok with 3 hours — and sometimes less with decarb material).

Since the conversion of cannabinoid acids into THC and CBD is necessary to produce the desired high from the flower, the decarboxylation process itself must be completed.

Some prefer to be lazy and let the crockpot infusion do the job of decarbing, others (us included) are staunch believers in decarbing before infusing for a more consistent product and less waste.

How to make weed butter is an art. We see in the comments all different ways and as long as it works for you, it works for us.

There are many way’s to decarb, we suggest utilizing our favorite tool — the mason jar. We have a multiple ways to decarb with a mason jar at this article.

When you use pre-decarbed cannabis flowers for cannabutter, your cooking time is substantially reduced. This allows you to cook cannabutter for a long time. However, when you use non-decarbed cannabis flowers, you will have to spend longer.

When you use pre-decarb cannabis flowers for your cannabutter, your cooking time is significantly reduced. This condition lets you use only about 4 hours for cooking the cannabutter thoroughly. But when using non-decarbed cannabis flowers, you’ll have to cook for wee bit.

Tools for Making CBD Butter in a Slow Cooker

  • Slow cooker (aka. Crockpot) – We like smaller ones like this one from amazon
  • Strainer (cheese cloth or metal strainer)
  • Container (you can use a jar or molds to make a butter shape)
  • Spatula (good to the last drop)

Crockpot Cannabutter Tips

First, we suggest adding a little water to help reduce the risk of burning if you don’t trust your slow cooker. It will most likely evaporate away while cooking but, if not, you can remove it after the butter hardens and separates from the water.

Second, keep the temperature on low — about 160 degrees. Under 200 degrees is our target. Anymore and you risk burning off the terpenes and wasting the cannabinoids.

Also, you really only need to let it go for about 3 hours and then you can begin cooling. Some say longer is better, but if you are in a rush it’s better to limit the time than to crank the heat (see above).

Butter Ingredients
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Simple Crock Pot Infused Cannabis Butter in a Slow Cooker

A simple and safe way to extract cannabinoids for infused butter. 3 ingredients and a crock pot is all you need to have some long lasting and effective infused THC or CBD weed butter.
Estimated Potency:
– 1 teaspoon will be around 28mg
– 1 tablespoon will be around 84mg
Keyword: Cannabis Dinner, Cooking with Cannabis, Infused Cannabis, Infused Dinner


  • Slow cooker (crock pot)


  • 2 cup Unsalted butter – around a pound
  • 1/2 ounce Ground and decarboxylated cannabis – around 15 grams


  • The first step in making some of the easiest crockpot weed butter is to make sure you have all your ingredients ready to go and ready to clean. Afterwards, you won't want to do much.
  • Set your slow cooker to low, or around 160ºF. (Stay under 200 degrees to prevent degrading the cannabinoids)
  • Add butter and stir until melted
    2 cup Unsalted butter
  • Stir in the ground, decarboxylated cannabis
    1/2 ounce Ground and decarboxylated cannabis
  • Cook for at least 3 hours and then let cool when ready
  • Place cheesecloth (or strainer) in glass jar and slowly pour the cooled butter
  • Use the spatula to squeeze all the butter through the strainer
  • Stay groovy my friends


Recipe should come out to ~28mg per teaspoon (84mg per tablespoon).
Example Recipe:
If you you 2 tablespoons in a brownie recipe that yields 20 brownies, each piece should contain around 12mg of your cannabinoid.

Is slow cooker cannabutter a different recipe?

Nope, slow cooker cannabutter is made the same way. It’s just some people call it a slow cooker and others call it a crockpot. Some even call it a crock pot, but we don’t talk about these people.

Can you make cannabutter slow cooker witha mason jar

Yes, you can. We will make a recipe on it. But, basically, just put the cannabis and butter in a mason jar. Add some water to the crockpot and I add a wet rag in, fully submerged in the water. Be sure to purp the lid every once in a while.

Disclaimer: this information is not medical advice and is purely for entertainment and education purposes. In no way do we condone the use of cannabis or it’s bi-products without the consent of your medical professional as well as abiding by your state and country laws.


Your no-nonsense, sometimes witty, cannabis knowledgeable hippy from the Midwest, hanging around Chicago these days. Learning the ins and outs of the cannabis world while learning to blog. In hopes that our lives become a little more… relaxed.

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  1. GanjaMama371

    I am really enjoying this website, but there is something that I haven’t seen yet. I use a Cannabis crockpot which decarbs at the same time, and I have found that 5-6hrs. is the perfect amount of time for where I am located {since things cook differently in high altitude locations). I have been making butter for years but was blessed to have an amazing mentor who has been published in High Times numerous times through the years.
    One thing I learned when taking my Cannabis College Courses, that even my mentor didn’t know, is to use Lecithin, it can be liquid or powder. (I use Sunflower Lecithin because I can get it locally, and I don’t have to wait on shipping). Adding lecithin to your ingredients has 2 main benefits:
    1. It increases the potency of your infusion by enabling more of the organic compounds in the cannabis to bind to the lipids (fats) in the butter.
    2. It helps the infused butter blend better into both hot and cold drinks like (coffee, tea etc.)
    So we did a comparison and we both made some butter, we used the same amount of ingredients, so the only difference was that I used Sunflower Lecithin in mine. We decided to make it a family affair and divided into “teams”, we made cookies and brownies, we also added to different drinks, some hot, some cold, and even smoothies. Mixing it in the drinks was where we could really see the differences right away. It dissolved and mixed so much easier than the butter without the lecithin. In the baked goods, we noticed that, again, it mixed into the other ingredients so much easier, but it did make mine a little more potent. We have been making butter and other infused edibles for so long that we didn’t think that it would really make that big of a difference. Now we will never go back, it just works! You don’t need very much so whether you decide to get the powder or the liquid, it will last a very long time.

  2. JamBandJoe

    Way too wordy, you sure you didn’t do meth before you started typing? Get to the point or get off the POT.

  3. Jessica

    5 stars
    Is it ACTUALLY 60mg per TEASPOON? Was it by chance supposed to be 60mg per TABLESOON? I only ask because butter is usually broken up by tablespoons rather than teaspoons.

    1. bethehippy

      Thank you. I’ve made some changes to lower the dose to get easier microdosed edibles when baking and missed this. As I’ve aged, I’ve lowered my tolerance. I updated based on your feedback.

  4. blazeaglory

    Hello. In regards to the decarbing… I have been making cannabutter since roughly 2001 (just giving an idea for reference of how many times I’ve made it since then). I don’t decarb, I didn’t even know that word existed Haha but what I do is use 4 sticks of butter for every half oz. of scraps, shake weed after harvesting seeds, older drier weed, lower grade weed, etc… I add the 4 sticks of butter to the crock pot on low and let melt and then I add the ground up weed. I let it sit on low/ medium depending on the strength of the particular crock pot and let sit without touching for roughly 6-8 hours. Afterwards I then pour(over a strainer) into a big plastic cup such as a “big gulp” cup from 711 or anything rubber/ plastic that can be squeezed after letting sit in fridge for 24 hours. Everything good in the cup, which becomes the butter, rises to the top which I then gently squeeze and remove. It will be about 1 to 2 sticks of butter in the shape of a disc at that point. Use as you would in any recipe. You can also adjust the amount of weed because I will say using this method you get SUPER POTENT BUTTER. So strong that I actually became frightened the first time after eating two cookies lol well good luck that’s my non decarb method because I think the heat in the crock pot does a decent job of activating the good stuff imo

    1. MaY

      Good to read blazeaglory. In this bethehippy blog he has an entry that reads closer to what you wrote above. He instructs to go with about an 8 hour cook time if your material is not decarbed. Good to have options. Your success gives me confidence in both approaches. thanks for taking time to share.

  5. Zach attack

    5 stars
    Hi, I’m planning to make this recipe today, but I am making 28 grams worth. I noticed the recipe is for 8 grams, would it work for me to just triple or quadruple the recipe? Also, would I want to cook it for longer than 3 hours when using more material?

    Thanks for the help and for the great content!

  6. Janet Smith

    5 stars
    I’m a first timer. I used coconut oil. How long to I cool it before I strain it?

    1. bethehippy

      Hey there Janet. I tend to just wait until I feel comfortable with the temperature. No rule on this, I just don’t enjoy burning myself 🙂

  7. tony

    i too am curious about the cooking heat for bake we need to adjust that or is thc held in or absorbed by the batter and surrounding ingredients as it cooks? Also a newbie!! i will say my first batch made very potent very tasty cookies so my guess is no it doesn’t matter
    very informative page !!! TY

  8. Aimee Anderson

    5 stars
    Can you reuse the cannabis flower a couple times using this method.
    I made brownies and they are way potent, trying to get more butter out of the flower if I can

  9. Iskander

    Hey guys!!!! HOW is there info online that to decarb you go 225F in the oven but then in slow cooker not more than 200F or it will destroy the “high element”? isn’t that a freaking contradiction? what is the best temperature before it is too high? and why decarb if almost the same temperature is in the crockpot? do 10 degrees really make a difference?

    MJ community really lacks logic, consistency and unity, that’s sad-i still think these are the smartest people out there. all the best friends!

    1. blazeaglory

      Well aren’t you full of opinions and judgments…

    2. Annemarie

      The reason for different temperatures has to do with conductivity. The oven temp of the cannabis will never reach oven temps…the same way when you cook a turkey for 3 hours at 350 degrees it’s done at 180 degrees. But fluid conducts heat better…so similarly when you boil a soup it’s literally 100 degrees. Keep in mind too that all strains will have a range; as well peoples preferences will vary in what they are trying to achieve-methods will vary for THC activation versus CBD. Most of what I’ve read suggests that terpenes and cannabinoids “burn off” at temps over 180. I hope that helps.

  10. Rod Miller

    Can I leave it in the crockpot longer than 3 hours?

    1. bethehippy

      Yup. Should be just fine.

  11. Mickie

    5 stars
    The best recipe ever!!! I just turned 73 years young and have tried many recipes since 1964. Love this by far. Thank you so much. So easy that I probably be using this cannabutter for everything! Well I will be using it always. Makes the best 420 NY cheesecake.oh happy daze!

  12. Mrssweeley

    I don’t have any mason jars, how else can I do this in a crockpot

  13. Chelsie

    How long does this cannabutter last ?

  14. Jenny

    I’ve gone to set it into the fridge it’s a light brown green sludgey texture ( I have strained this ) will it be okay ??

  15. LG

    I have made several batches of canna butter, experimenting with very fine strainers, cheesecloth,etc. I I have found the BEST way to retain the MOST amount of infused butter is to use a French coffee press! No mess, no fuss. Just use a lot of force to press is much liquid out of the flower as possible. Then that butter/ water mixture goes into the fridge to separate the water from the butter.

    1. blazeaglory

      Good idea!

  16. Ashley

    Do I have to check on it often or stir it after adding it into the crockpot or can I leave it?

  17. Loura

    First timer here… How do you suggest the detox when using pure shake? Thanks much in advance🤗

  18. Kithri

    I used water because I don’t trust my crock pot but now the water doesn’t seem to be separating out and my butter won’t solidify! Any idea why???

    1. bethehippy

      hmm.. the only time that’s happened to us we were testing not straining the herb from the butter and just placing it straight in the fridge. Did you strain out the leafy greens first? Have heard of people pressing cold butter/mixture to get out water too, but we haven’t tested this ourselves.

  19. Cookie Monster

    When baking cookies most recipes call for baking at 375. Does that cause anything to burn off or should I bake at a lower temp for longer.

    1. Marsha RN

      First time butter maker. I attempted with a small 2gram and 1 stick. Major fail. I didn’t decarb it. I’m trying to make this for pain relief. How much weed for 1 pound? And how much will be I. Each teaspoon of butter? We use a teaspoon of butter in our coffee and I thought this would be better than making a sugary treat (which my pre diabetic body can’t handle).

    2. carolyn murphy

      I was wondering the same thing! Also I heard if a receipe such as brownies calls for adding water…NOT to add water. Newbie bud here so im curious to learn before I bake also!!

  20. mr.mightbewrong

    can u decarb weed at 180°F

  21. mr.mightbewrong

    or did i F××× up

    1. bethehippy

      Hey there mr.mighbewrong (clever, but not to worry)

      I’ll answer your 3 questions here.

      You didn’t funk it up. We prefer slow and low here, but others live by 220 to 300° F (high and fast). The only way to funk it up would have been going into the 315-325° F — that’s when the THC activates (same as lighting a bowl). You would have burnt it off.

      Light up, breath out and stay groovy!

    2. Candy Kane

      Do I have to infuse the decarbed weed right away? Or can I store it a day or 2 before making my cannabutter?

      1. bethehippy

        Hey there Candy Kane. No need to use right away. We store our decarbed cannabis in a cool, dry place within a glass mason jar. Haven’t looked too deeply into exactly how long it will keep, but it should be quite a while. Only worry would be degrading potency of the cannabinoids and terpenes. As long as it’s dry, nothing dangerous should inflict it.
        Light up, breath in, and stay groovy!

  22. mr.mightbewrong

    5 stars
    can u decarb weed at 180° F?????

  23. Krissy

    Do I need to use no salt butter and why?

    1. bethehippy

      Salted or unsalted butter are both acceptable, Krissy. Ole folklore used to believe that if you used salted butter, you’d have less “room” to absorb all the cannabinoids into the butter since salt is already in there. That doesn’t seem to hold much weight, so salted or unsalted is just fine. We only prefer unsalted because some recipes call for unsalted and it’s pretty damn hard hard to take salt out of butter — much easier to add it into the recipe 🙂

      Light up, breath out and stay groovy!

  24. James kessler

    Can I reuse the weed “sludge”with more fresh weed next batch?

    1. bethehippy

      Hey there James!

      You know, we’ve heard of people using the “cannabis pulp” (we like to call cannapulp) for steeping tea, spreading on toast and even for a pesto or salsa. Never heard of it for a second go at a canna-infusion. Most of the time, your first infusion doesn’t extract 100% of the cannabinoids and terpenes, so no reason you couldn’t give it a go. The only worry would be dosing. No idea what percentage of the cannabinoids remain and adding in new decarbed flower will become difficult to measure. Otherwise, be sure to store it correctly and make sure it’s not spoiled on your next attempt.

      Let us know how it goes and stay groovy!

      1. Mack H.

        It’s also great in protein shakes, FYI!

  25. Daryl

    5 stars
    I’m doing it inside of a Mason jar, Inside of a crockpot at 160 with water Should I put water in the jars?

    1. bethehippy

      Nope, no need! The water around the jar is all you need.

      1. Beth

        This makes no sense! 2 cups of cannabis is not 8grams. I followed this recipe and had to call an experienced cooker cause these measurements are horribly wrong. What am I missing? Am I reading it wrong?

        1. Krw

          Thank you! I was soooo confused about the quantity it states as clearly 2C does not equal 8g..

    2. Damitric

      Are you referring to making the butter like that? Or, are you talking about decarbing?

      1. bethehippy

        This post is just about making the butter utilizing pre-decarbed cannabis.

  26. Mark

    Must you HAVE to decarboxylate the weed before you put in crock pot if you plan to cook for 8 hours on slow cook?

    1. bethehippy

      You don’t have to… but we highly suggest it. People do swear by the results of not decarbing with the long cook time and heat in the crockpot should technically do it. But take a look at these results over at and Ardent test showing the results of a decarbed vs non-decarbed infusion. Might change your mind.

      Stay groovy!

  27. Angelina

    Can I use coconut oil instead of butter?

    1. bethehippy

      Absolutely, and it’s the exact same steps.

  28. Tammy

    Ok dumb question… I put the butter and the decarboxylated weed in the crockpot together to cook then strain it into the mason jars??? I need specific instructions please. First time maker thank you…

    1. bethehippy

      Yup, that’s pretty much the steps. How’d it turn out?

    2. ThatWeedGuyDrew

      The website LITERALLY gives clear instructions… Couldn’t be any clearer

  29. Natalie

    How long do I put it in the oven before I grind and put it in the crockpot?

    1. bethehippy

      Hey there Natalie,

      It depends on what method you are decarboxylating with – take a look at our 3 mason jar decarb methods to get an idea. Primarily, no less than 45min. An hour seems to be ideal. We plan on getting ourselves a potency test kit soon and run a bunch of experiments on the best ways to decarb. Let me know if anyone finds interesting in such experiments, and we can expedite it.

      Stay groovy out there,

  30. Limondtiss

    Can I use unsalted Irish cream butter

    1. bethehippy

      Absolutely. (and that’s my favorite type of butter.)

      1. Mark

        Hi do I still need to add lethicin ?
        Thank you in advance

    2. Ashleigh

      Yes its The best butter to use, kellyegold unsalted

  31. Melissa

    5 stars
    something I did that made this even easier was to make a tea bag with cheesecloth and knot it tightly. Once its fullysteeped (I also went over 3 hours) I used a metal hand lime squeezer that I bought at a local Fiesta Foods and squeezed everything I could out of it… all without getting any on my hands. Waste not want not… ammirite? Excellent method Thank You!!!!

    1. bethehippy

      Wow, nifty! Does any of the plant material end up in the final product when you do the lemon squeeze? Sometimes when I squeeze too much it can taste a little extra “weedy” but I think I’ll try your tea bag and squeezer method.
      Appreciate you and stay groovy!

    2. EllieBee

      I drink a lot of tea, so I put my decarbed MJ into new tea bags and place in my jar of oil or butter and cook it in my slow cooker for 4-8 hours. It’s the bomb on toast and in my green beans, ham and onions!

    3. Cherie

      5 stars
      You are so right I used mesh bag and tied it as a tea bag. I also cooked it in the crockpot for 20 hours at a temp of 156-160. It turned out AMAZING thank you so much

  32. Hannah

    5 stars
    Do you add any water ?

    1. bethehippy

      Hey Hannah,

      I used to when I didn’t have have a digital crockpot with temperature control. If you don’t trust the low setting, I recommend throwing in a cup of water (or more, it really won’t impact anything) to keep things from burning. After you strain it, you’ll need to let it sit in the fridge and allow the butter to harden and separate from the water.

      Hope this helps!

  33. D'arcy

    Do you have a lid on the slow cooker

    1. bethehippy

      Yup. Lid on.

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