LEVO Infuser Machines: LEVO II vs LEVO Lux vs LEVO C – Which One is Right for You?

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Today, I’m diving deep into LEVO’s infuser machines: LEVO 2, LEVO Lux, and LEVO C. These machines aren’t just about getting lifted; they’re about truly celebrating and harnessing the potency of our favorite herbs.

If you’re juggling between the choices, thinking “LEVO 2 vs LEVO C, which one?” or “How does LEVO Lux stand out?”, I’ve got you.

How the LEVO 2, LEVO Lux, and LEVO C Compare

Great Product
Biggest Batch
Clean Design
Great Product
Biggest Batch
Clean Design
04/20/2024 01:53 pm GMT
  • LEVO 2:
    • Price: $299.00
    • Herb Pods: Space for two standard LEVO herb pods. Double the herbs, double the fun, man!
    • Oil Capacity: Two cups of oil. Perfect for those mellow evenings with close pals.
    • Herb Capacity: 1/3 cup 1/4 oz / 7 g
    • Decarbing and Drying: Got that ‘activate’ feature to decarb your favorite greens and a ‘dry’ setting for those herbal adventures.
    • Dispense Modes: A single dispense opening for all your buttery or oily concoctions.
  • LEVO Lux:
    • Price: $499.00
    • Herb Pods: Can groove with two LEVO herb pods, too.
    • Oil Capacity: Again, two cups. Because more is always groovier.
    • Herb Capacity: 1/3 cup 1/4 oz / 7 g
    • Decarbing and Drying: Same rad features as Levo2 but with a turbo-charged fan for quicker drying.
    • Dispense Modes: Choose between three sizes, making it easier when you’re experimenting with thicker infusions like honey or shea butter.
  • LEVO C:
    • Price: $249.00
    • Jumbo Pod: When you’re feelin’ the need for a big batch of goodness.
    • Oil Capacity: A massive four 1/4 cups for those high-vibe parties .
    • Herb Capacity: 1 3/4 cup / 1oz / 28 g
    • Special Features: This baby is all about that mega flower infusion, so no drying here, just pure infusion power.

What Sets LEVO Apart and When It Might Not Be For You

So, you’re on the hunt for the perfect herbal infuser machine. It’s easy to get caught up in the LEVO hype—and for good reason. These machines are sleek, user-friendly, and they get the job done. But it’s only fair to consider what else is out there, right? Let’s break it down.

Other Brands to Consider

These machines all offer unique benefits and might be more suitable for different needs or budgets. For example, MagicalButter is a bit more affordable but doesn’t offer the same level of customization as LEVO machines. On the other hand, Source Turbo by ExtractCraft focuses on alcohol extraction and might not be as versatile for your cannabis culinary adventures.

Why LEVO Stands Out

  1. Customization: LEVO machines allow you to precisely control the time, temperature, and quantity, which can be crucial for creating consistent marijuana infusions.
  2. Ease of Use: With its user-friendly interface, even cannabis-cooking newbies can easily navigate the settings.
  3. Design: Let’s be real, LEVO machines look good. Sleek, modern, and compact, it’s an appliance you’ll be proud to display on your kitchen counter.

When LEVO Might Not Be For You

  • Budget Constraints: LEVO machines aren’t the cheapest on the market. If you’re not planning on making regular infusions, the investment might not be worth it for you.
  • Batch Size: If you’re looking to make large quantities of cannabis oil or butter, not all LEVO machines will meet your needs. Some competitors offer larger capacities at a better price.
  • Solely Alcohol Extraction: If your main focus is on alcohol extraction, there might be other specialized machines that suit your needs better.

Understanding LEVO Weed Infusion

The beauty of LEVO is how it masterfully simplifies the herbal infusion process. It’s like taking the ancient, time-tested method of extracting the goodness from our beloved herbs and giving it a modern twist.

Each of these machines – be it LEVO II, LEVO Lux, or LEVO C – offers the power of creating potent infusions. So, whether you’re looking to make therapeutic herbal oils, butters, or tinctures, or simply aiming for that perfect oil for your special brownie, LEVO ensures you get the most out of your chosen herbs.

It’s not just about functionality; it’s about harnessing the essence of Mother Nature right at home.

LEVO 2 vs LEVO C: The Herb Pod System Breakdown

Now, let’s talk pods. Both LEVO 2 and LEVO Lux can house two pods, which means double the potency. Meanwhile, when comparing LEVO 2 vs LEVO C in terms of size, there is a big difference.

The LEVO II and LEVOC might be siblings in the LEVO family, but they’ve got their unique quirks, especially when it comes to their pod systems.

LEVO II gracefully hosts two pods, allowing you to pack in double the herb goodness for those robust, aromatic infusions. This machine ensures you get every drop of potency out of your cherished herbs.

Now, on the flip side, when sizing up LEVO II vs LEVOC, the latter comes with its signature jumbo pod. It’s a dream for those grand infusion escapades, especially when you’re hosting a weekend get-together or prepping for an entire week’s worth of magical culinary delights.

LEVO 2 Hack: Increasing Batch Size

If you’ve been rocking the original LEVO II and sometimes feel the need for a little more room to let your herbs swim around, here’s a groovy tidbit: there’s a LEVO hack that increases the size of your batch! It’s like adding an extra room to your herb’s cozy cabin.

Stay tuned as we unwrap that secret in another post. In essence, both machines are all about embracing the art of infusion, with the key difference being how much you want to embrace at once!

The Art of Decarbing with LEVO

Every LEVO machine offers an ‘activate’ setting, meaning they decarb your herbs without an oven. However, when weighing LEVO 2 vs LEVO C, the LEVO 2 and LEVO Lux come with an added feature: they can dry fresh herbs. LEVO C, on the other hand, is all about those hearty flower infusions.

Dispensing: LEVO 2 vs LEVO Lux

The LEVO 2 offers a straightforward dispensing system. But if you’re drawing comparisons between LEVO 2 vs LEVO Lux, the latter provides three dispensing sizes, perfect for thicker infusions.

The LEVO Lux stands out with its unique three dispensing sizes, designed for various infusion consistencies. Whether you’re dealing with a thin oil or a thicker substance like honey or cocoa butter, LEVO Lux ensures a smooth output.

The smallest size is perfect for lighter oils, while the medium setting caters to denser liquids. For those truly rich infusions like shea butter, the largest dispensing option is your go-to. This feature elevates the LEVO Lux, providing adaptability for all your infusion needs.

Colors and Aesthetics Across the LEVO Range

For those pondering the aesthetic differences in the LEVO 2 vs LEVO C battle, here’s the scoop.

Both the LEVO 2 and LEVO C pop with vibrant colors, while the LEVO Lux shines in metallic finishes.

LEVO 2 comes in multi-colors, but just in glossy style. LEVO C is multi-color with glossy and matte styles.

Ease of Clean-Up Across All Machines

The entire LEVO family, from LEVO2 to LEVO C, promises effortless cleanup.

Every part, including those herb pods, is dishwasher-safe.

Straining and mess? Not in the LEVO vocabulary.

Why LEVO Infusions Taste Better

A unique feature of LEVO machines is their patented pod system. It promises infusions without the grassy aftertaste, ensuring your magical brownies taste purely, well, magical.

Discover More on LEVO’s YouTube Channel

Hungry for more insights? LEVO’s YouTube channel offers detailed guides, recipes, and more, covering everything from the LEVO 2 vs LEVO Lux debate to creative infusion ideas.

Whichever LEVO path you choose, it’s bound to be a delightful journey.

But always remember, while the machine matters, it’s the spirit behind the infusion that counts the most. Stay groovy! ✌🍀🌿

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