The Best Cannabis Infuser and Decarboxylator. Reviewing the Ardent Nova vs Nova Fx and Levo vs Levo II Infusers. [2023]

So you think you’re ready to step up to some cannabis gadgets for decarbing and infusing, huh?

Tired of checking the oven and worried about burning your product in a crockpot?

We hear ya! It can get annoying, and consistency can be difficult, and controlling the smell is a battle.

Insert cannabis infusion machines. They can help with some of these problems, but they come with a price… tag. An often heavy price tag.

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04/20/2024 01:53 pm GMT

Let us help clear the air on how, when, and why you may choose to use an infusion machine for your cannabis decarbing and infusing needs.

Don’t get us wrong, we still use the tried and true DIY methods like a mason jar, your oven or a crock pot.

That said, nothing wrong adding to your toolbox using decarb machines when you want to limit smells, speed up the process or get a more consistent infused cannabis product.

So if you are feeling adventures, go ahead and try one the best cannabis infuser and decarboxylator gadget.

Before we get to the gadgets, be sure to check out our decarb and extracting guide if you are wondering why it’s oh so important to decarboxylate your cannabis before extracting.


The Ardent Nova and Nova Fx Infuser

  • Ardent Mini – $240 ($20 cheaper than the original nova that is now discontinued)
  • Ardent Nova Fx – $299
  • Get $30 off with discount code – bethehippy

[2023 update] Ardent sunset their original nova in 2022 and went all in on their Nova Fx Infuser — it’s bigger better brother (or sister). Now they have added the Ardent Mini, which is pretty similar to the original and $20 cheaper.

First and foremost, we love referencing some of Ardents research and tests here on BeTheHippy. Ardent releases a ton of great infusion and decarb information focused on moving the cannabis industry forward.

So yeah, right off the bat we are a little biased. It’s what we look for in the values of a good company. Test and learn! Learn and educate! Create quality products!

They research their experiments and share out their results, see it here. They want to bring insights to a growing trend of at home decarb and infusing.

The Ardent Nova comes in two models as of this writing; the Ardent Mini (formally known as the Ardent Lift/Nova) and the new, larger model, the Ardent Nova Fx.

How to Use the Ardent Nova to Decarboxylate and Infuse Cannabis

The process for both is quite simple, to be honest. I think of it as the “crockpot” of weed. Set it and forget it!

How to Decarb Cannabinoids with Ardent

Take any strain and cannabinoid dominate flower you want to decarb and place it in the cup at the top. For decarb, you use the metal cup to make sure you get a consistent heat on the flower.

Fun note – no need to grind your flower like we are used to. Ardent has some test results showing flower nugs decarb just as well as ground up flower (especially decarbed in their own machines 😉).

You can fit about an ounce of flower in the original Ardent Nova (and about 4 ounces in the Ardent Nova Fx).

Push the power button and within 2 hours you will have almost 100% activated flower!

You smell that? Nope! Neither do we. That is a self contained device keeping your neighbors in the dark and your odors in the machine. Also, it’s helping to keep those precious terpenes trapped within. That’s a good thing.

How to Infuse and Extract the Cannabinoids with Ardent

Next up, to infuse, simply add in the silicon liner into the metal cup. Put your decarbed product back in with whatever carrier you are looking to infuse (hemp oil, MCT, your choice).

Note – make sure you have the silicon liner for infusing. It’s also dishwasher safe!

Click the power button — same as when you decarbed — and wait until the cycle completes.

The only extra step is to strain your product and bam! Your infusion is ready to consume or add to a recipe.

What are the Key Similarities and Highlights of Both Ardent Infusion Models?

  • The Nova and Nova Fx can decarboxylate your cannabis.
  • Both can infuse your cannabis oils, butters and tinctures (get the silicon cup).
  • Smaller counter space needed, compared to other companies.
  • Reduces odors like crazy! (compared to traditional at home methods).
  • Each can decarb and infuse an array of cannabinoids (i.e. CBD, CBN, THC)
  • Easy to use and pretty easy to clean up.
  • Both devices are pretty damn groovy.

What are the Key Differences Between Ardent Infusion Models?

  • Nova Fx is 4 times larger than the original.
  • Nova Fx can bake edibles for you as well (think, muffins).
  • Nova Fx has four different settings for a full range of activation, infusion, melting, baking and more.
  • Nova Fx has a fancy carrying case. Awesome? I lean to minimalism. So, I guess if you are a traveling cannabis sales[wo]man?
  • Nova Fx also has a detachable power unit.
  • If you decided to become a child and play “smash Nova Fx on the Nova,” Nova Fx would win because of it’s larger size. No idea why one would do this.

The Levo I and Levo II Infuser

  • Levo I – $129
  • Levo II – $249
  • Get 10% off with coupon code – BeTheHippy

Outta sight, no joke! The Levo I and Levo II design aesthetics are beautiful.

We can guarantee if you keep these on your counter top, you will have to explain what it is.

There’s no need to hide it, let the world know!.. and then make them some edibles.

Interesting both of the companies we put our stamp of approval on have two versions of their model. Each just a bit different, but the change is larger when it comes to Levo Oil than Ardent.

First, the Levo I does not decarboxylate your product. So, if you are looking to throw out the mason jar to upgrade your decarb, you’ll have to go with the upgraded version.

Probably the main driver of the price difference, to be honest.

These machines not only have that retro vibe we love here at BeTheHippy, but they pack a punch with the infusion.

📝 Learn More About All LEVO Infuser Machines

Check out our review on all the LEVO Infuser machines!

You control the temperature — for when you are honing in on what cannibinoid to activate – and the final product is filtered through the machine. It pours out like your filling a glass from a soda machine. Make ya feel’a bit fancy.

The process is pretty much the same as Ardent for decarbing and infusing. Place the flower, turn it on. Out comes activated cannabis flower. Add in your carrier (coconut oil maybe?) and turn it on again.

The cool part? Strain it straight out the front. Nice and easy.

LEVO II takes the craft of homemade infusions to the next level. It’s the perfect device for making your own infused oils, edibles, dressings, bath bombs and more.

This machine innovative technology dries, activates, infuses and dispenses your herbal creations with simple, intelligent features that get rid of the guesswork to ensure quality, consistency and potency.

With the push of a button, LEVO II uplifts your mind and body while leaving your kitchen mess-free.

They have an array of colors to fit your decor and the clean up is a cinch!

What are the Key Similarities and Highlights of Both Levo Infusion Models?

  • Can infuse any oil or cannabinoid (CBD, CBG, THC).
  • Temperature control (0 – 93°C / 0 – 200°F).
  • Smell control – this is a feature they taught. House didn’t smell, so works for us.
  • Silicon infuser cup – easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Automated infusion cycle. Turn it on and go watch a move.
  • Beautiful product design and intuitive control.
  • Levo promise – 100 days to try it or 100% money back.

What are the Key Differences Between the Levo Infusion Models?

  • Levo II has 3 auto-cycles; dry, activate (decarb), infuse – turn it on and forget about it.
  • Levo II can dry and decarb your flower.
  • Levo II allows you to save your favorite settings for quick reuse.
  • Levo II can infuse 19oz of oil/butter (Levo I is 16oz).

We highly recommend both the Levo I and Levo II. Go check them out.


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  1. Mark

    Between the Nova FX and the Levo II, which is able to hold a larger amount of flower and oil? I ask this because I am a medical user and I need to, A) make higher strength infusions (ie, use more flower) and, B) process larger batches of infusions. With this in mind, which unit would work better for my needs?

    1. Ardra

      The Nova holds more flower that Levo. I believe the flower holder in the Levo only holds 4oz but you can by a second holder so it could hold double.

  2. Bart

    Is there a discount code for the Levo II?

    1. bethehippy

      There is, give “BeTheHippy” a get 10% off. I’ll make the update to the site as well. Thanks for asking!

  3. Jodi

    Have any of you had the issue with the magnetic agitator scraping the paint/sealant from the bottom of the inner cup while infusing? That worries me.

    1. Ashley

      No responses?

  4. Nick Hertel

    OMG, from magical butter mach. with there decaboxulater, to the Nova man what a difference, love them both but the Nova makes my life so much easier, I still use the MBM for larger batches,being able to infuse smaller amounts, for me is life changing,cause my wife just likes the CBD,same with my little dogs and I love it all! Thanks for the calculator, makes life much easier

    1. bethehippy

      Thanks, Nick! Totally agree. Makes life much easier using the tools, but sometimes hard to take the leap to buy one.

      Glad you are enjoying the calculator.

      Stay groovy out there!

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