What Are Weed Shakes: Why Do I Have Them and How Do I Get Rid of Them

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Hey there, beautiful soul!

You ever sit down with your favorite strain, hoping for a mellow evening, but then get a surprise visit from the jitters? I’m talking about those unexpected quakes we fondly (or not-so-fondly) call “weed shakes.”

Been there?

You’re not alone! But before we trip over the why’s and how’s, take a deep breath. This isn’t the universe telling you to lay off the greens—it’s just another part of the vast, mysterious world of cannabis.

Don’t Stress. Weed Shakes Happen.

weed shakes

Whether it’s your first dance with Mary Jane or you’ve been partners for decades, the shakes can sneak up on anyone.

Weed shakes refer to involuntary tremors post-cannabis consumption. It’s like your body’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m feeling this!” and can often be attributed to THC’s side effects. Interestingly, traditional herbalists believe that plant reactions in the body, even tremors, can be a sign of deeper energetic shifts. So, is this simply a side effect or part of a more profound transformation?

But, like with most things in the cannabis galaxy, knowledge is your compass. Let’s get to know these trembles a bit better.

Why Do I Shake When I’m High? A Deeper Dive

Feeling the shakes is like receiving a coded message from the universe. Not everyone gets it, and even fewer understand it.

But as with all things cannabis, the experience varies. Some may feel a gentle quiver; others might feel like they’ve turned into a human maraca.

Good news – these weed tremors are like short songs, usually fading out in about 20 minutes. But if they’ve been playing on loop, maybe consult a cannabis guru or even get a medical marijuana card. With the card, you’re in for clearer labels and tunes.

Let’s decode this.

What Causes These Ethereal Trembles?

You’re probably asking, “Why do I vibrate like a guitar string when I’m high?” Well, there’s a mixtape of reasons – a dip in body temperature, riding the anxiety waves, or maybe just a sensory overload.

Too Much Stimulation: It’s like that time you decided to meditate after four cups of coffee. Sometimes, our bodies get more THC vibes than they can groove to, causing our muscles to join the dance unexpectedly.

High Anxiety: Some strains might turn your gentle river float into white water rafting. The experience can be intense, bringing anxiety and its physical buddies: the shakes. However, emotion-centered practices like mindfulness teach us that embracing and observing our feelings, instead of resisting them, can lead to profound self-awareness. So, the next time cannabis stirs anxiety within you, take a moment to reflect: What buried emotions might be surfacing?

Cold Environment: Feeling the cold more than usual? Cannabis occasionally messes with our inner thermostat. If you’re shivering, it might just be a nudge to grab a warmer blanket or turn up the heat.

But did you know that, according to ancient Ayurvedic practices, sudden temperature changes in the body might be associated with energetic releases? Modern science corroborates the temperature drop, with studies showing THC inducing minor decreases in body temperature. So, as you shiver, consider: is this a mere physiological response, or are you energetically recalibrating?

Cannabis Interactions: Caffeine, Alcohol, and Other Compounds: Mixing our green friend with other substances can be unpredictable. Like when you add a new crystal to your collection and the energies get all wobbly until they find their balance. Both have their rhythms, and sometimes they clash, leading to overstimulation. Ancient Chinese medicine always emphasizes balance, or “Yin-Yang.” In this context, it means not overwhelming the system with too many active substances.

Too Much THC: Just like with anything in life, balance is key. Overindulging can send you on a rollercoaster ride, with intense shakes as one of the loops.

Uncontrollable Shaking After Eating Edibles: Unlike inhaling, edibles take you on a scenic route. It’s longer, more profound, and can sometimes bring stronger quakes along for the journey.

How Long Do Weed Shakes Last?

It varies. Like a sand mandala, they’re often fleeting, here one moment and gone the next as the high mellows. Edibles, though, are a bit more like abstract art—they can be intense and last a little longer.

Navigating the Trembles: What To Do In Case of Weed Shakes?

Get Up and Move Around: Change the energy flow. A dance, a stretch, or just walking around your sacred space can make a world of difference.

Adjust Your Environment: Your surroundings are an extension of your energy. Dim the lights, play some calming tunes, and get cozy.

Avoid Stimulants: If your spiritual journey is getting too jittery, lay off the caffeine and other stimulants for a while.

Switch Strains: The cannabis realm is rich and varied. Another strain might offer a journey without the trembles.

Add More CBD: CBD is the calm, grounding friend we all need. Balancing out your high with some CBD can work wonders.

How To Prevent the Shakes: Guarding Against Them

Embrace CBD: Having CBD as a regular companion can offer a smoother, more grounded experience.

Tread Carefully with Mixes: Keep your experiences pure. Combining can lead to uncharted territories.

Experiment with Balanced Strains: Seek harmony in your strains for a more balanced trip.

Get Cozy: Always make sure your environment is snug and comforting.

Tune Down the THC: Listen to the whispers of the universe. If it’s hinting at too much THC, consider mellowing it down.

The beautiful world of cannabis is as vast as the universe, with surprises at every corner.

Remember, it’s all about the journey, not just the destination. Stay informed, stay open, and let the cosmic waves guide you to your best experiences.

Peace, love, and happy vibes always, BetheHippy 🌿✌🌌



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