A Groovy Guide to the STX International Infuzium Butter-Oil-Tincture Infuser Maker Machine

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Man, the culinary universe is ever-vibrating, and the STX International Infuzium Butter-Oil-Tincture Infuser Maker Machine is grooving its way into the hearts and kitchens of those who dig infusing butters, oils, and tinctures.

With a harmony rating of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4.7), this tool isn’t just another gadget but a whole experience.

So what’s the magic behind it?

Let’s chill and explore together.

STX International Infuzium Butter-Oil-Tincture Infuser

• Infusion & Decarb Machine Complete Kit

• 2 to 10 Sticks Butter (1 - 4 cups)

• Electronically controlled with MCP thermostat

• 2 Filters, 3 Silicone Spatulas, Silicone Glove & Butter Mold

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02/18/2024 10:55 pm GMT

Summary Table

Positive PointsNegative Points
Easy and fun to useSome quality control issues
Produces potent, taste-bud tingling resultsMissing accessories in a few shipments
Infuses oils and tinctures effectivelyMakes noise, like a psychedelic rock band
Comes with useful accessoriesDurability, man, it’s got to last
A groovy value for the priceCustomer service needs more good vibes

Features and Benefits

Quality and Design

Sleek and attractive, like a vintage vinyl cover. Black finish, chrome accents, stainless interior, and touch-sensitive controls; it’s a visual symphony.

Ease of Use

Simple to use, man, with preset functions or DIY manual operation mode. And quiet operation? It’s there, along with end-of-cycle auto shut-off for convenience.


Make butters, oils, soups, beverages, sauces, and even more! Perfect for cannabis-infused recipes that I’ve shared before.


Comes with filters, spatulas, a silicone glove, butter mold, and a 48-page cookbook. A total trip of goodness.


A generous 3-year warranty. Peace of mind, my friend.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Top Positive Review: “This infusion machine deserves 5 stars… I used to spend 5 hours over a hot stove. Now it’s just 1 hour of peace and love with this machine. Quality and price are like Lennon and McCartney, just perfect together.”

Top Critical Review: “It does the job, but it’s loud, like a Hendrix solo. All in all, I dig it, I just wish it were quieter.”

Bethehippy’s Personal Experience: Man, I’ve had a blast experimenting with the Infuzium machine. From infusing oils for my cannabis cuisine to creating mystical tinctures, this machine has brought a new groove to my kitchen.

The ease, the versatility, it’s like having a culinary jam session anytime I want. There were some noise issues, but the melody of flavors made it all worthwhile.

Comparison with Traditional Methods

Remember the old days of standing over a hot stove for hours? Or even using the trusty crockpot method to infuse?

The Infuzium machine takes you on a journey from the past to the present, cutting the time from 5 hours to just 1.

It’s like trading your vinyl records for streaming, keeping the soul but adding convenience.

The ease and efficiency compared to older methods are like swapping a horse and carriage for a VW van.

You still enjoy the ride, but with a modern twist.

How to Use the Machine

This machine doesn’t just offer presets; it’s a gateway to a whole new culinary universe. Here’s the journey:

  1. Prep the Herbs: Add your favorite herbs, man. Could be cannabis for those your favorite Kool-Aid or any other herb you dig.
  2. Choose Your Liquid Gold: Oils, butters, or tinctures, let your creativity flow.
  3. Set the Vibe: Choose a preset function or go manual. Either way, it’s like tuning a guitar, simple and smooth.
  4. Let the Machine Jam: It’ll marry all the flavors. No need to supervise; it’s like having Clapton in your kitchen.
  5. Strain and Store: Using the included filters, strain your infused masterpiece. The silicone molds are perfect for butter.
  6. Cleaning Mode: It even cleans itself with a special mode. A little soap, a little water, and voila! It’s like a self-cleaning record player.

So whether you’re a novice or a culinary rock star, the Infuzium machine guides you through the process like a gentle beat in your favorite song. Groove on!

Feel free to check other product reviews on bethehippy and let me know if you need anything else! ✌️🌼


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