Frosted Lime CBD Flower

Frosted Lime hemp strain lends an upbeat sense of well-being which wakes up the mind and the body. Part of the “frost effect” is how the citrus aroma blends with the skunky scent then “frosts” the tongue with sparkle and fizz.

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Where to Buy Frosted Lime CBD Cannabis

Checkout Cannaflower as one of our favorites overall and they have Frosted Lime CBD flower — if you’re feel’n blue, then this flowers for you. Cannaflower is a small New England farm dedicated to growing and sourcing the highest quality CBD hemp flower available. Their packaging and design is beautiful! Enter BeTheHippy for 10% off.


Some get their tips frosted (the good ole days) and some enjoy Frosted Lime CBD. Your choice.

The potent CBD strain that makes a suitable choice for daytime use. With Frosted Lime, enjoy a carefree disposition that’s light and effortless to maintain — day and night.

A sativa dominant strain “hailing” from the Frosty parent strain and crossed with a sativa dominant plant — a plant of mystery to this day.


Perfect for a Friday afternoon, the work clock tick’n closed and looking for those moments when you want to feel upbeat and energetic.

Frosted Lime CBD is there for a perky and lively day toke.

As with most CBD’s it will give you a light, relaxed body feel pairing nicely with an enliven head — clear and looking to groove.

With dominating caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes, you can expect a nice mellow and focused ride.

Flavor and Characteristics

Strong hints of lemon and citrus hit against the back of the throat, awakening the senses with the first drag.

Frosted Lime sits on the more rich and pungent flavor profiles, not suited for those who like a light toke. Some say, the bitter and skunky aftertaste leaves much to be desired. Others, they think that bitterness pairs down the initial hit.

As with all things cannabis — no different than wine — you need to discover your flavor profile.

The “spunkier” the better we say. We are a hard Cabernet Sauvignon family here. A strong wine, a strong smoke and strong family values. Who a thunk a strain could be so spiritually deep.

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